If you are planning to put your house on the market this summer, it goes without saying that you are hoping to sell your home as quickly as possible and get your asking price. Set the stage for success with these quick and easy tips!

The first five tips are all about making your home sellable and the last five tips are about making your home memorable. 

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1. Curb Appeal. It is incredibly important that your house looks good from the outside. If there is a “for sale” sign in the yard, but the yard is un-mowed and the shrubs and flower beds are uncared for, people aren’t typically going to schedule a showing. Buyers often look at the front-of-the-house photo and then do a “drive by” before calling the realtor.

2. Declutter and Minimize. Potential buyers want to look at the entire house, so stuffing clutter in a closet or drawer isn’t going to cut it. Go through all closets, cabinets, drawers and storage spaces and get rid of junk. It is especially important to declutter every room, so people can see the room and not piles of stuff.

3. Remove Personal Items. Some realtors say get rid of it all, but I say, put away personal items {photos, toiletries, food, drinks etc} that take away from your home. Anything that could be categorized as clutter should be put away, but if you have family photos hung in a tasteful way on the wall, please don’t feel like they *have* to come down. It’s still your house until you sign it away to someone else.

4. Neutral Palette. If you’ve decorated with crazy, bright colors in your home, then it would be very wise to tone things down both for the listing photos as well as for showings. When a house is decorated with neutral colors on the big things {think walls, floors, trim, cabinetry}, potential buyers can more easily envision their belongings fitting in.

5. Decorate. ThoughtfullyI’m not here to tell you to get rid of all your pictures, photos, pillows and other accessories. {I personally dislike when decorators and designers tell clients that.} Just be thoughtful about it. Keep things minimal, pretty and enjoyable for you who are still the owner.Make It MemorableWhen a realtor calls you for a showing, here are my five top things to do before-hand.

6. Burn Candles or Bake Bread. While you’re flying around the house, cleaning up and putting things away, burn candles to make your house smell good. I almost always had time to whip up some banana bread or cookies before a showing. Making your home smell good is one of the most important things you can do after jazzing up the curb appeal and de-cluttering.

7. Open Curtains and Blinds. No one wants to buy a home they can’t really even see. Light is your friend, so make it work for you by opening all curtains and blinds. Create a happy, light-filled space that will make an impression on potential buyers.

8. Turn On The Lights. Not only is it important to allow natural light to come in, but also remember to turn on the lights throughout your home. Lamps as well as lighting in closets and the laundry room will make it easier for the realtor to show your home and no one will have to search for a light switch.

9. Play Music. Soft, easy-listening, instrumental-type music is the best for this situation because you have no idea what a buyer’s music taste is. Whether your home has a sound system throughout or if you play a CD on repeat, either one works.  Just make it quiet and soothing.

10.  Always, Always Leave. I can’t reiterate this enough. After you’ve worked hard making your home sellable and memorable, please leave and let the realtor do his or her job. It is awkward enough for a potential buyer to walk into your home. If you, your kids or your pets are there it makes it even more awkward. They will be wishing their way out the door instead of enjoying looking at your home. Trust me.Showings are grand opportunities to make potential buyers feel at home in your home, so be thoughtful in using these tips next time your home is on the market. Also, if you know someone who is trying to sell their home, I would love it if you passed on these tips to them!


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